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The KIT R120 G / S marks a return to the origins of the G / S while maintaining the comfort and drivability of your bike.
After about 4 hours of editing in KIT R120 G / S have revolutionized the look of your bike making it unique, as the original without changing anything. Basically you have two bikes in the garage by paying only one stamp and one insurance.
The kit is compatible with all models R1200 GS 2004 to 2012.
At any time you can restore your bike in original configuration.
Of course, in addition to KIT R120 G / S base, you will have the ability to implement R120 accessories.
We are also preparing a series of accessories in style R120 will be surprised ...!
The bike setup can be equipped with luggage R120 original ADV aluminum metal frame, or by purchasing our frames cod.1220 suitcases you can fit the classic original Vario plastic (see configuration).
Equipped with pneumatic or THC Karoo, will not even off-road obstacles, because the precious original parts are safe in your garage.
Personalise it with the configurator and judge for yourself. The R120 becomes according to your tastes fantastic replica of the 80 GS or an elegant scrambler.

The KIT R120 G / S is supplied painted with everything needed for installation.
Componetelo with the configurator.
The base price is Euro 3920.00 VAT included.

The kit is compatible with the R1200 GS models from 2004 to 2012.
And 'possible to mount the kit on the Adventure model only by replacing the original plastic container with the original model R1200 GS. http://www.unitgarage.com

R1200GS Off Ride

Even a best seller hailed as the GS1200 may have its faults. One above all: to be exclusive and popular at the same time, and who really does know that the vast terrain and heavy German boxers are good on asphalt and brochures ...
When it comes to really travel by jeep, with a minimum of gait and baggage, things change, chats and forums bars do not matter. Hence the need to dramatically improve the drivability and off-road qualities of the GS Adventure. It is no coincidence that the same parent company has denied all and remade itself when it has set up the beautiful HP2.
Beyond the purely technical issues, the desire to customize took over, and these conditions began to take shape Ride Off. The challenge to create something different in the GS - model developed by all the world's best equipment suppliers - has become part of the technical challenge. All pieces are mounted on handmade Ride Off. This is not about catalogs, but unique pieces.
To delete the Telelever front and mount a classic Marzocchi 50 mm upside-down was necessarily a semi-built chassis from scratch to be bolted to the crankcase. Essential to obtain a canoe infulcrare where the two plates and billet steering fork. The GS1200 - Adventure or "normal" that is - has no real frame but two structures, attached to the engine block that has a supporting function. We have maintained this philosophy, but the two half-frames, front and rear, are much more robust and flexible otherwise. The latter one is a trestle simpler and lighter than the standard, here is removable from the rear seat on, to create, if desired, a different rear end.
Fixed the "frame", it began by reviewing the difficult balancing weights, starting from the tank, apparently more compact but still with a capacity of 34 liters as the original. Instead of developing the forms up and the hips, the stroke of genius was to delete the original airbox and move the volume down and partially saddle. And to accommodate the air filters were born two large and beautiful circular airbox above the cylinders, the largest in total volume than the original, lightweight carbon fiber. Initially sketched by Oberdan Bezzi, were then built prototypes and molds.
Become important enough to immediately characterize, two real design elements, and particularly effective: with so much more volume airbox these two will show a real booster for the delivery engine. Along with the Akrapovic exhaust, engine performance have invigorated so that you could imagine some kind of other assistance to mechanics. The recipe has worked well: better hit the weights, lower center of gravity, especially with a full tank (34 liters is a good weight), remove 15 kg, lengthening the wheelbase by 45 mm and about 6 hp, this BMW is not looks more like Adventure. To see her appear more compact and short, but we decided to stretch the wheelbase (54 mm while being shorter than the HP2), delete the ABS and mount the inevitable Continental knobbly. The tank made of sheet aluminum hand-wrought, has a duty to recall the historic old BMW with rubber pods for the knees.
Finally we have also taken comfort, inventing a special saddle to save the prostate, however, that would ensure adequate comfort on long trips. Comfortable and healthy!
Finishing touches to the wings. The front is completely new, while the rear has been reduced by the plate, now swinging and fixed to the swingarm. A solution that streamlines and free the tail from the usual ugly appendage to the eye.
To ride is fantastic and if the parking in front of the bar does not pass unnoticed.

engineboxer-twin four-stroke air cooled / oil, a tree overhead cam, four valves per cylinder, balancer and central bore x stroke 101mm x 73mm, 1170 cm3 displacement, compression ratio 11.0:1, power to electronic fuel injection in the intake pipe, management BMS-K

Clutch single plate dry clutch, gearbox six-speed gearbox with helical gearing, secondary transmission to drive shaft

into three parts-the front and rear sections, load-bearing engine-gearbox, front equalizer with integrated off-ride air box, rear with modular off-ride, wheelbase 1571mm, 2218mm total length

Marzocchi Shiver 50mm proto, plates and CNC machined from solid feet, 264mm travel, swingarm in aluminum alloy with Paralever, ohlins shock 220mm travel with preload adjustment knob for

Brakes and tires
Braking system: Front: double floating disk evo diam. 305mm, four-piston fixed calipers, rear Single disc diameter. 265 mm, floating caliper with two pistons. No ABS, no traction control! Continental Tyres TKC80

special components
Dual carbon fiber air box, exhaust system titanium / stainless steel, aluminum tank (built and hand polished), aluminum engine guard, saddle long trip off-ride

soft black aluminum

on request info@unitgarage.com

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Llegan las BMW F 700GS y F 800 GS 2013: más seguridad y nuevo look

La marca bávara renueva sus GS bicilíndricas de iniciación, lanzadas en 2007, mejorando su estética, realizando cambios técnicos y ofreciendo más alicientes al cliente que busca una moto dotada de más electrónica, destinada a incrementar los niveles de seguridad sobre dos ruedas. Como sorpresa, la actual F 650 GS pasa a denominarse F 700 GS.
En ambos modelos externamente se aprecia que el semicarenado y los paneles laterales reciben una nueva estética más atractiva, y nuevos colores. Pero hay más. En la F 700 GS la potencia máxima aumenta 4 CV, llegando a los 75, ahora monta un doble disco de freno delantero –la F 650 GS equipaba uno- y estrena horquilla –convencional- y guardabarros.
En ambos modelos se mejora su seguridad con ABS de serie y, además, reciben nuevas piñas de conmutadores, con los intermitentes de pulsador único, plásticos incoloros ahumados de piloto posterior e intermitentes, nuevo depósito de líquido de frenos, esferas de la instrumentación con nueva estética, display LCD con más funciones de serie, y nueva cúpula en la F 700 GS. El control de tracción ASC y las suspensiones electrónicas ESA están disponibles en opción, además de que en la 800 existen suspensiones más cortas y asiento más bajo, para reducir la altura de la moto.
El motor de la 800 se mantiene sin cambios, al igual que el resto de características técnicas de la parte ciclo.
Los días 18 y 19 de julio la marca bávara presentará oficialmente a la prensa sus dos nuevos modelos.